Bacurau 2019 WEB With Subs Movie Torrent

Bacurau 2019 WEB

Bacurau 2019 WEB With Subs Movie Torrent

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In the near future, the film tells the story of Teresa (Barbara Colen) who comes to her home in Bacurau, a village in the semi-arid region of Brazil, to attend her grandmother’s funeral. Upon arriving at the scene, Teresa immediately noticed signs that Bacurau was in critical condition.
Basic services are lacking, cell phone coverage is diminishing, drinking water supplies are becoming denser, and drinking water trucks are arriving with bullet holes. It soon became clear that the corrupt government had completely abandoned the village: Bacurau was not only completely removed from the map, but its citizens were also attacked. As the leaders get closer, the villagers should hold regular matches to prevent further damage.

Language: Portuguese / English

Subs srt: English

Genre: action / drama / mystery

Format: AVI

ID code: XVID

File size: GB

Duration: 2h 11 min

Video bitrate: 2315 kbps

Width: 1280 pixels

Height: 720 pixels

Screen aspect ratio: 16: 9

Frames per second: FPS

Identification code / track: MP3

Audio bit rate: 128 kbps.

Bacurau 2019 WEB

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