Matchless Mulan 2020 Dual Audio web-dl tinie free download torrent

Matchless Mulan 2020

Matchless Mulan 2020 Dual Audio web-dl tinie free download torrent

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File format ..: mkv

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Upgrade 2018 Dual .: VEB-DL H265

Sound ……..: 2CH AAC Chinese

File size ….: 720p (863MB)

Execution time …: 1h 30min

Subtitle …..: English, Indonesia soft coded

Source …….: WEB-DL H265 AAC-FLTTH

During the Northern Wei dynasty, the Ruran army attacked the border and the country encouraged the military population to go into battle. To perform the service for his elderly father, Hua Mulan disguised himself as a man and came to Changpingcang. At first, she just wanted to do the duty for her father. Unexpectedly, her friend Yuan Hong was captured and killed when she saved the prince. Since then, Hua Mulan has fought bravely against the enemy and won many victories on the battlefield. When everyone was happily celebrating, the enemy threw millions of mice into the city and hit the soldiers hard. For the prosperity of the country and the safety of the people, Mulan and several soldiers defended Changpingcang to the last place to the detriment of their lives.

Note: This is not a Disney movie.

Matchless Mulan 2020

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