OLEUM LUBRICANTS (BD) LTD. is a leading used lubricants refinery. Which is established in 2016. In Bangladesh yearly lube oil consumption is increasing day by day. So that, lubricants wastage increasing too. Used lubricants are harmful for environment. Thus, the base oil is recovered from waste lubricants by re-refining, which is used to produce blended lubricants after mixing with additives in appropriate proportions in blending plants. This is saving environment as well as saving export of foreign currency from the country. This re-refinery leads to oil and energy conservation of our country. Proper Lubrication of all moving parts is essential for the operation of an engine and machine. Proper quality, desired service life, energy economic efficiency of an engine and machine depends on proper quality of lubricants. Proper quality lubricants come from quality base oil. Oleum lubricants is always tried to meet the quality and standard of re-refined base.